Proud partners

Proud partners

Tennis en padelcentrum Daalmeer

27 - 29 june

Qualification draw

Location: Tennis and Padel Center Daalmeer & Tennis Association Oudorp

The qualification draw of the tournament will take place from Monday, June 27 until Wednesday, June 29. These will be held at Tennis en Padelcentrum Daalmeer and at Tennisvereniging Oudorp.

Topsporthal De Meent Padel

29 june - 2 july

Main draw

Location: Topsporthal de Meent in Alkmaar

After the qualifying rounds, the main draw will start. These will be played from June 29 till July 3 at the top sports hall 'De Meent'.

With the best padel players in the world

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No tournament without partners

Of course, we would not be able to organise this FIP Gold tournament in Alkmaar without the support of various valuable partners. We are very grateful to our partners for making this tournament possible and we are aiming for a successful outcome for both parties.

Worldwide promotion of Padel


Padel originated in 1969 in the Mexican resort of Acapulco. The inventor of Padel is Enrique Corcuera. From Mexico the sport spread to Argentina where it became very popular. From Argentina it was transferred to Spain, where it is the second most popular sport within the country. In recent years padel has also taken off in the rest of Europe. The International Padel Federation (FIP) was founded in 1991 and has been taking care of the sport ever since. The FIP guides the growth and development of the sport and is responsible for all European and world championships. The FIP is also the party that negotiates with the IOC about joining the Olympic Games.


The FIP is also responsible for the worldwide promotion of padel and is the overarching body of all local federations. In The Netherlands, the local organization is the KNLTB (The Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association). The international padel federation has set up an international tournament circuit over the years (The CUPRA FIP TOUR). This consists of the following tournaments:

After organising a FIP RISE in Alkmaar for the last four years, this year we are the first city in The Netherlands to organize the CUPRA FIP tour.

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